Chopinaud M1, Pham AD, Labbé D, Verneuil L, Gourio C, Bénateau H, Dompmartin A.



A variety of treatment modalities have been proposed to treat keloid scars, but outcomes are often disappointing. Intralesional cryosurgery may significantly reduce these scars.


To evaluate the clinical safety and efficacy of intralesional cryosurgery to treat keloid scars. Feedback from patients on pain, pruritus and aesthetic discomfort was recorded before and after treatment.


A total of 10 patients with 14 keloid scars resistant to conventional treatments were enrolled in a retrospective study between October 2007 and October 2013. The efficacy of this treatment was evaluated by measuring the reduction in scar surface.


Scar surface was reduced by an average of 58.5% after intralesional cryosurgery treatment for all scars (average pre-operative keloid scar surface: 874.6 ± 954.1 mm2; average post-operative keloid scar surface: 505.8 ± 1,024.7 mm2; p = 0.002). Pain and aesthetic discomfort were significantly decreased after treatment in all patients (p = 0.008 and p = 0.012, respectively).


Our data suggest that intralesional cryosurgery is an effective treatment for keloids.

PMID:25248067[PubMed – in process]