How to remove keloids

Until recently, there was no effective solution to the problem of how to get rid of keloids. The existing solutions to remove a keloid once it has developed on the skin were ineffective in most cases, and the keloid scar would remain unpleasantly red, firm and elevated on the skin. Attempts to remove keloids with surgical intervention are not recommended because they often result in the recurrence of new and even larger scarring at the incision site. Use of steroids to get rid of keloids is usually effective only on small scars. There are no, long-lasting solutions for how to remove a keloid scar that is large and persistent.

How to get rid of keloids with CryoShape

CryoShape is an innovative technology designed to address the issue of How to get rid of keloids. It can effectively remove a keloid by freezing and destroying the deep scar tissue from the inside out. The CryoShape probe is able to remove keloids by directly treating the deep scar material and freezing the entire scar. The cryosurgery needle probe is designed to remove keloids permanently by destroying the  core of the scar.

Quick, Effective Treatment

CryoShape technology provides a solution for how to remove a keloid with only minimal discomfort. This innovative treatment is able to remove a keloid with little risk of recurrence or hypopigmentation. Unlike other keloid scar removal methods that require multiple treatments to remove keloids, CryoShape generally reduces scar tissue significantly and effectively in a single session, with average scar volume reduction after a single treatment ranging from 50-70% in various areas of the body. In addition to its ability to effectively remove a keloid, it significantly alleviates clinical symptoms such as itchiness, pain, tenderness and discomfort.