Keloid scarring

Keloid scarring occurs due to abnormal healing processes that cause excess scar tissue to grow over an injury or along the borders of a wound. The scars that develop are typically thick, rubbery and red-colored and often cause pain, discomfort or itchiness. Keloids can form on various parts of the body, and most commonly appear on earlobes, the central chest, back and shoulders.


Keloid removal

Existing keloid removal methods include the intra-lesional injection of steroids; application of silicone gel and pressure garments, radiation and others.  The excision of the keloid tissue is not recommended due to high recurrence rates. Few, if any, keloid removal methods have been found to be effective on large, persistent scars. Most known types of keloid treatment will not prevent the scar from reappearing and are not effective on all kinds of keloid scarring.


Keloids Treatment with CryoShape

CryoShape is an innovative keloid removal technology that freezes and destroys the deep scar tissue. A cryo-needle is inserted into the scar and the scar tissue is frozen from the inside out using liquid nitrogen. It has been shown to be an effective keloid treatment method that presents little risk of recurrence. In addition, this keloid treatment is usually effective after a single session, unlike other keloid removal methods that require multiple treatments before any visible improvement is apparent. This keloid removal technology improves the appearance of the scar and minimizes the discomfort, pain and other side effects caused by keloid scarring in only a few days.