The CryShape treatment is a single In-Office Procedure.









The CryoShape device and procedure have been designed for physician simplicity as well as maximum patient effectiveness. The freezing temperature generated by CryoShape is skin friendly, penetrating and affecting only the scar area sparing normal uninvolved tissue.











The CryoShape technique freezes the scars from the inside, thus providing penetration to deep scar tissue, in order to destroy the pathological cells and to block further blood circulation in the unwanted tissue. While performing CryoShape, the targeted area is easily anesthetized, allowing the physician to perform the procedure with almost no discomfort or pain to the patient—including after the treatment. Post treatment wound care is simple and the patient may resume full activity, including return to work, on the following day.










No sutures are involved in the procedure and the targeted area is easily anesthetized, making the treatment virtually painless for the patient.

The CryoShape device is designed for use in the treatment of keloid and hypertrophic scars in order to achieve optimal results. Efficacy is achieved due to:

  • Direct treatment of the deep abnormal scar material.
  • The increased freezing area, along the whole extent of the scar.

Clear Advantages of the Treatments

  • Significant reduction in scar volume after a single treatment, thus most cases require only a single session.
  • Quick alleviation of pruritus, pain, discomfort and tenderness.
  • Minimal or no hypopigmentation or other side effects.
  • The procedure consists of a single needle insertion (excluding local anesthetic), allowing the patient to leave the clinic immediately following the treatment.
  • Large scars can also be treated using the CryoShape.
  • Multiple scars may be treated in a single session.
  • minimal postoperative care is required.
  • In most cases (>97%) no scar recurrence is observed.
  • Clinically no worsening of scar or infection has been observed